Saturday, 2 November 2013

Luxembourg, Lise Rischard and "The Secrets of Rue St. Roch"

I have been searching for some time for a Female Poet from The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  I am very grateful indeed to all of the people in Luxembourg I have contacted - they have all replied to me with helpful suggestions but I am still without a female poet to represent Luxembourg.

The Germany Army went into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 2nd August 1914.  During WW1 people from Luxembourg fought on both sides.   Luxembourg was important as, due to its geographical position and the railway system, trains from Germany to France went through there.

In her wonderful book "The Secrets of Rue St. Roch" Janet Morgan tells us about the activities of a lady from Luxembourg who was recruited by the British Secret Service and whose exploits during WW1 are amazing.   Please try to read this fantastic book - I could not put it down!

So Lise Rischard is there among my list of Inspirational Women of WW1 - representing the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

"The Secrets of Rue St. Roch" written by Janet Morgan, published by Allen Lane Penguin Group, London, 2004.

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