Friday, 13 December 2013

Olive May Kelso King - Australian Inspirational Woman of WW1

I am very grateful indeed to Faye from Stanley Kaye's Facebook Group "Remembering World War One in 2014 one hundred years" who answered my request for other Inspirational Women of WW1 by suggesting I research Olive May Kelso King.   Thank you Faye - over the past eighteen months I have written loads of letters, e-mails and messages;  only a tiny number receive replies so your help is greatly appreciated.

Olive May Kelso King (1885 - 1958) - Australian

Olive May Kelso King, an adventurer and mountaineer, was born in Sydney, Australia on 29th June 1885 - she was the daughter of Sir Kelso King, a Sydney-based company director.

During the First World War, Olive was in England where she purchased a lorry and had it converted into an ambulance which she drove in France, joining the Scottish Women's Hospital.  Later, Olive went to Serbia where she ended up driving ambulances for the Serbian Medical Service.   She was awarded the Serbian silver Medal for Bravery and the Order of St. Sava for her work with the poor in Serbia after the War. 

Olive died in Melbourne on 1st November 1958.

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