Saturday, 8 September 2018

Sister E. Salvator of the Nyasaland Nursing Service - 8th September 1918

Sister E. Salvator of The Nyasaland Nursing Service, died on 8th September 1918. Sister Salvator was buried in Mangochi Town Cemetery, Malawi, Africa - Grave Reference: 23.   According to Anne Samson of the Great War in Africa Association, Sister Salvator was a religious Sister of the Society of Mary (Marist Mission ) (Gazette 1917 -
The Montfort Marist Fathers had apparently arrived in Nyasaland in 1901.

With thanks to Anne Samson and photographer Derek Walker for their kind help.  If anyone knows anything about Sister E. Salvator, please get in touch.

I found a family called Salvator from Italy who lived in Glasgow.  The father, Engliano was a stone mason.  They had a daughter, Ernestin, born in France in 1886