Saturday, 2 March 2013

Latest update - 2nd March 2013

I hope to be adding to this list over the coming months:

Edith Cavell - British - nurse
Gertrude Bell - British - secret agent
Katherine Scott - British (suggested by Stephen Cribari) - sculptress who worked with the WW1 facial reconstruction surgery team
Elsie Janis - American (suggested by Matt Jacobsen of - singer and entertainer who travelled to France to entertain the troops
Inez Millholland - American - journalist 

Rose O'Neill (1874 - 1944) American - artist, musician, business woman, sculptor - inventor of the Kewpie dolls, which were popular gifts during WW1
Mary Riter Hamilton - Canadian - artist who painted the aftermath of WW1 for three years

Dick Kerr's Ladies Football Team - British

Again, if anyone has any suggestions to add to this list, I should be delighted to hear from you.

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