List of Inspirational Women of World War One

As with the female poets, I am in the process of compiling a list, researching those on the list, writing up their stories and finding photos for exhibition panels.  I look forward to hearing from you with inspirational women of WW1 that you know about to add to the list.


Anna Airy (1882 - 1964) British Artist.  One of the first women to be commissioned as a war artist
Mildred Aldrich (1853 - 1928) America writer.  Lived in Paris for 16 years prior to WW1, retired to the Marne in July 1914 and wrote about her "Little House on The Marne" in the early days of the war.
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson - doctor
Edith Appleton (1877 - 1958) - British nursing sister
Lena Ashwell (1872 - 1957) - British entrepreneur and entertainer during WW1
Clare Atwood (1866 - 1962) British Artist

Gertrude Bell - British secret agent, archaeologist and diplomat
Florence Esther Bennoy (1892 - 1918) - "Worker" = Private in the QMAAC
Lady Blomfield (1859 - 1939) born Ireland
Nelly Bly American war correspondent
Maria Bochkareva - Russian woman soldier - recruited over 2,000 women into the Russian Army
Mary Booth (1869 - 1956) - Australian Pyhsician and Welfare Worker
May Bradford - VAD - wrote letters for wounded service personnel
Dame Lucy Innes Branfoot - British volunteer worker with the Coffee Shop in Rouen
Maud Adeline Cloudesley Brereton (1872 - 1946) - British food hygene consultant
Maude Bruce - forewoman at Munitions Factory in Gretna, awarded medal for extreme bravery
Lady Elizabeth Butler (b. 1846) - military artist/illustrator - sister of Alice Meynell the poet

Dora Carrington - artist
Edith Cavell - British nurse shot as a spy for helping British soldiers to escape after the early battles of the War
Dorothy J. Coke - artist
Vera Christina Chute Collum - radiographer at Royaumont with Scottish Women's Hospitals
Maria Corelli (1855 - 1924)  - British novelist who sold more books than Conan Doyle, Wells and Kipling combined;  9 films were made of her novels
Dorothy Crewdson (b. 1886) - British nurse
Marie Curie - pioneer in X-Ray work; created mobile radiography units for use in WW1

Margaret Damar Dawson - woman police officer in munitions factory
Janet Daniels - Munitions factory worker - awarded medal for extreme bravery
Mabel Dearmer (1872 - 1915) - writer, illustrator, translator. Nursing orderly with the Red Cross in Serbia during WW1. Died in Serbia 1915.  Mother of poets Christopher and Geoffrey Dearmer.
Joyce Dennys (1893 - 1991) - served as a VAD in Cornwall - War Artist for the "Daily Sketch"
The Dick Kerr's Ladies Football Team - Dick Kerr's Factory, Preston - raised large sums of money for the war effort by playing football, organising matches after their factory shifts were over

Dr. Mary BirrellI Davies - founded the Liverpool Women's War Service Bureau
Jessica Dismorr (1885 - 1939) - British painter/illustrator (Vorticist Movement) served as a VAD, nursing in France

Olive Edis (1876 - 1955) - Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society 1914 - Official War artist
Eleanor Franklin Egan (1877 - 1925) American - believed to be the first woman was correspondent

Helen Fairchild - American - assigned to duty as a nurse in France 7th July 1917, died 18th January 1918
Millicent Garrett Fawcett - British welfare activist
Katharine Furse (1875 - 1952) VAD and Women's Royal Naval Service

Elsie Mabel Gladstone - British nurse, killed in WW1 (buried Belgrade Cemetery, Namur, Belgium)
Norah Neilson Gray (1882 - 1931) - nurse and war artist

Margaret Hall - American volunteer Red Cross Workers
Mary Riter Hamilton - Canadian artist who went to paint the Aftermath in Flanders
Dr Helen Hanson
Emily Hobhouse - British welfare activist
Stephanie Hollenstein (1886 - 1944) - Austro-Hungarian artist and soldier
Zora Neale Hurston (1891 - 1960) - American writer

Dr. Elsie Inglis (1864 - 1917) - Scottish doctor and suffragist; founded Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service in WW1 (France, Serbia and Russia) and went to Serbia to run a hospital
Dr. Frances Ivens - Scottish Women's Hospital in France, Royaumont Abbey

Elsie Janis - American entertainer who went to entertain the troops in France/Belgium
Gwen John - War Artist
M. Jones - nurse - described air raids in Salonika

Lucy Elizabeth Kemp-Welch (1869 - 1958) - military artist
Bahiyyih Khanum (1846 - 1932) daughter of the founder of the Baha'i Faith - imprisoned in 1867 at the age of 21 and freed in 1890.
Olive May Kelson King (1885 - 1958) - Australian.  Funded and drove ambulances in France and Serbia.
Dame Laura Knight (nee Johnson) - (1877 - 1970) - British war artist

Ellen La Motte - American nurse who wrote about her experiences in WW1
Dorothy Lawrence - British Journalist - enlisted in BEF Tunnelling Company as Denis Smith in 1915
Lou Albert Lasard - Artist from Alsace - German
Flora Lion (1878 - 1958) - British artist commissioned by Ministry of Information to paint factory scenes
Elizabeth Lucas (wife of poet E.V. Lucas) - founded a children's home behind the lines in France WW1

Dame Maud McCarthy - Australian nurse in charge of hospitals on Western Front
Sarah MacNaughtan (1864 - 1916) - volunteer worker in Belgium and Russia
Louise Mack (1874 - 1935) - Australian war correspondent
Constance Markiewicz - Irish - Politician and activist
Marie Marvingt - French pilot
Dr. Dorothea Clara Maude (1879 - 1959) - doctor in Belgium, France and Serbia
Blanche Maupas - France - fought to clear the name of her husband after the war
Misstanguett - (1875 - 1956) French entertainer and spy WW1
Dr Emily Morris
Olive Mudie-Cooke - British artist - drove ambulances in France and Italy WW1
Munitions Workers - an exhibition panel is dedicated to those amazing women and features photographs from the newly-opened The Devil's Porridge Museum in Gretna
Flora Murray - British - doctor - ran Endell Street Hospital with an all-female staff during WW1

Rose O'Neil (1874 - 1944) - American sculptor, suffragist, inventor, novelist, poet, musician (creator of Kewpie dolls)

Gabrielle Petit (1893 - 1916) - Belgian - British Secret Agent - executed

Iso Rae (1860 - 1940) - Australian artist and VAD nurse - Base Camp Etaples, France
Dr Mabel Ramsay
Maud Pember-Reeves (1865 - 1953) -  Director of women's services in the Ministry of Food
Lise Rischard - Luxmbourg - British Secret Agent
Ellie Annie Rout (1877 - 1936) - New Zealand - pioneer in the treatment sexual transmitted diseases in WW1/welfare activist

Flora Sandes - British woman who fought in the Serbian Army in WW1
Helen Saunders - artist
Milunka Savic - Serbian woman soldier
Kathleen Scott ((1878 - 1947) - sculptor. Wife of the explorer Captain Scott of the Antarctic (later Baroness Kennet).  Among other things, she worked on innovative plastic surgery treatments WW1
Edith Smith (1876-1923) - Britain's First Warranted Woman Police Officer
Mabel Annie St Clair Stobart (1862 - 1954) Founder of The Women's Sick and Wounded Convoy Corps who organised hospitals in France and Belgium for St. John's Ambulance  in WW1
Dr Florence Stoney - set up the X-Ray Department at the Royal Free and the New Hospital for Women and was in charge of the doctors for Mrs Stobart's Medical Unit during WW1 in Belgium, France and Serbia 
Nellie Spindler - British nurse killed i WW1 on the Western Front (buried Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium)
Monica Stanley - British nurse in Serbia
Bertha (Betty) Stevenson (1896 - 1918) - British - YMCA volunteer killed in the line of duty May 1918 and buried with full military honours in Etaples Military Cemetery

Margaret Haig Thomas (1883 - 1958) - Welsh - saved with her Father from the Lusitania
Jessie Traill (1891 - 1967) Artist - joined the VAD in London WW1 worked in hospitals in England and France
Dr Rose Turner

Mrs Mary Humphrey Ward (1851 - 1920) - first woman journalist to visit the Western Front trenches
Dr Joan Watts

Maria Yurlova - Armenian Cossack Soldier

Clara Zetkin (1857 - 1933) - Founder of International Women's Movement