Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Until 23rd November 2013 Ground Floor Gallery, Grolier Club, New York, USA: Exhibition of Extraordinary Women in Science and Medicine

Stanley Kaye of poppy fame, has sent me details of an exhibition about "Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine: Four Centuries of Achievement," at New York City's Grolier Club. 

Among those included are: 

Florence Nightingale, 
Marie and her daughter Irene Curie, 
Italian Jewish neurologist Rita Levi-Montalcini, and 
British Jewish scientists, Hertha Marks Ayrton and Rosalind Franklin. 

Marie Curie had a mobile ex-ray unit on the Western Front in WW1.

Hertha Ayrton, deeply involved with the suffragist movement and stepmother to Israel Zangwill's wife Edith, refused to participate in the 1911 census and wrote across the census form, as here noted in the exhibition: "How can I answer all these questions if I have not the intelligence to vote between two candidates for parliament? I will not supply these particulars until I have my rights as a citizen. Votes for women. Hertha Ayrton."

"Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine: Four Centuries of Achievement." 

The exhibition explores the legacy of thirty-two remarkable women whose accomplishments in physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, computing, and medicine contributed to the advancement of science. 

More than 150 original items are on view, including books, manuscripts, periodicals, offprints, dissertations, and laboratory apparatus (such as that used by Marie Curie during her earliest work on radioactivity), providing a remarkable overview of the lives and activities of this eminent group. 

For further information, please check out the website:

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