Monday, 10 February 2014

The Church League for Women's Suffrage

From time to time I receive requests for help in finding out more about some of the poets and inspirational women on my list.   As you will all probably be aware, research is time-consuming and painstaking but very much worthwhile.  In the past few weeks I was asked to help find out about WW1 poets Anna Bunston de Bary, Constance Ada Renshaw and Maud Anna Bell.

I managed to find quite a bit out about the first two poets, but Maud Anna Bell remains, for the time being, rather a mystery.

However, in following up one lead, I began to look at The Church League for Women's Suffrage and came across this very well researched and written site which gives a great deal of information about some wonderfully inspirational women.

For anyone interested in the history of women's struggle for recognition and independence, this site is a must-read:

With many thanks to Rowena from Nottingham.

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