Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dr Dorothea Clara Maude Nasmyth (1879 - 1959) - British Doctor

Thank you to Linda Bourne who contacted me to tell me about Dr. Dorothea Clara Maude.

Dr. Maude was born in Newbury in 1959 was educated at Cheltenham Ladies College and studied medicine at Oxford University and Trinity College, Dublin.  She worked as a doctor in Oxford.

The War Office initially refused to allow British women to serve near the front lines.  However, women such as  Mrs Mabel Stobart had experience of setting up hospitals in war zones, having helped during the Balkan Wars and they set up independent units to help countries such as Serbia during WW1.  Dr Maude travelled first to Antwerp in 1914 to help at a Belgian Field Hospital and then with the help of her uncle Alwyn Maude set up a medical unit in Dunkirk.   She went to Serbia in 1915.  Her story is amazing - to find out more, please see this wonderful article about Dr. Maude

My initial attempt to contact the author have not been successful so I will do some more research.

Many thanks Linda.
Photo:  Google Images, taken from the article as mentioned above.  Dr. Maude in Serbia - she is second from the right.

Let us commemorate these wonderful women who did so much to establish women in society.